Council Vacancy

The Harris Chain of Lakes Restoration Council is seeking to fill the following two positions: an attorney and a physician. The duties of the council members include review of lake restoration and management data as it applies to the Harris Chain of Lakes, evaluate if additional studies are needed, identify funding sources to conduct restoration activities, and provide recommendations to the Florida State Legislature.

The volunteer members of the Council are appointed by the Lake County Legislative Delegation. Please submit a cover letter, resume and references to: State Senator Kellie Stargel, 2033 East Edgewood Drive, Suite 1, Lakeland, FL 33803. Inquiries may contact Rachel Barnes at 863-668-3028 or


Where is the Harris Chain of Lakes and what does the Restoration Council do?

The Harris Chain, with its tens of thousands of acres of lakes and wetlands, represents the headwaters of the Ocklawaha River, the major river draining central Florida. Lakes such as Lake Beauclaire, Lake Dora, Lake Eustis, Lake Griffin, Lake Harris and Lake Yale with their desirable natural resources provide tourists and the citizens of Florida with diverse recreational activities. Many citizens also reside along the shores of these lakes, representing a major real estate market.

The Harris Chain of Lakes Restoration Council was officially created by action of the Florida Legislature during the 2001 legislative session (Ch. 2001-246). The Council consists of nine voting members representing a broad spectrum of individuals with diverse expertise and interests. Chapter 2001‑246, Laws of Florida, charged the Harris Chain of Lakes Restoration Council with the responsibilities of reviewing audits and all data specifically related to lake restoration techniques and sport fish population recovery strategies, including data and strategies for shoreline restoration, sediment control and removal, exotic species management, floating tussock management or removal, navigation, water quality,and fish and wildlife.

(From Executive Summary, HCRC Report to Legislature 2001)

Map of the Harris Chain of Lakes

The Harris Chain of Lakes is located in Lake and Orange counties in central Florida. The Chain of Lakes is located north and west of the Orlando metropolitan area. More information about each lake is available in the Lake County Water Atlas.

Map of the Harris Chain of Lakes

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